Principal Designer

M.F.A (Sculpture) - School of the Art Institute of Chicago

Bryan is sought out by the private and public spheres as a recognized exhibition designer and visionary. His compelling narratives promote social and ecological responsibility through memorable design.

Space Haus is the continuation of his dedication to integrating visually stunning installations with rich content. Prior to Space Haus, Bryan was Senior Vice President of Planning and Design at the John G. Shedd Aquarium, Chicago’s most highly attended cultural institution and one of the nation’s premier aquariums. At the Shedd, Bryan developed expertise in creating complex live animal habitats, co-lead an in-house Brand Agency, created a digital media department, and designed and produced award-winning exhibitions. 

You’ll likely cross paths with Bryan at local gallery openings and museums.

Contact Bryan at Bschuetze@spacehaus.net

Principal Architect

B. Arch – Carleton University, Canada

After working at leading architectural firms in Chicago and Boston, Edwin brought over 18 years experience in architectural design, renovation, interior architecture and exhibit design to Space Haus.

Edwin responds to stakeholders and end users while executing a project’s core design concept. Clients and peers value his sound judgment and technical building science and construction expertise.

Edwin has worked on global construction and renovation projects ranging from small residences to complex institutional buildings. He is equally skilled in design and project management roles with a focus on educational, cultural (including performing arts theaters), residential and research laboratory buildings. He’s managed over $200 million of award-winning construction and renovation projects. 

Edwin enjoys biking and following his favorite Canadian hockey team.

Contact Edwin at Echung@spacehaus.net

Design Director

B. Arch – Carleton University, Canada
MAUD – Harvard University Graduate School of Design

A licensed architect with 12 years experience, Lisa joined Space Haus in 2014, bringing her passion for history, context and detail to all her work.

With expertise in design, presentation and construction administration, she’s worked on diverse projects from community vision plans to large hospital projects to campus master planning. Lisa leverages her writing skills to help create visioning and master plan documents for communities in the Chicago area.

Lisa served as a summer instructor for urban design and graphics at Harvard’s Graduate School of Design and as design critic for architecture students in the U.S. and Canada. She’s also served as a mentor for young women interested in studying architecture.

She enjoys hiking in local forest preserves and tending her urban garden.

Contact Lisa at Lthomas@spacehaus.net



Senior Exhibition Designer

B.F.A. (Painting) Memphis College of Art
M.F.A. (Sculpture) Northern Illinois University

As our Senior Exhibition Designer, Joseph Seigenthaler brings over 35 years of experience to the Space Haus creative team.  He is a long time educator, with expertise in digital 3D design visualization, animation and 3D printing.  He has taught collegiate level courses in both 3D visual arts and digital media.  Aside from education he is a nationally recognized visual artist and sculptor with works included in numerous private and public collections.

Previous relevant projects include Fabrication Coordinator for multiple exhibitions at Shedd Aquarium in Chicago, as well as digital media production for the same institution.  He has over 35 years of Exhibit Design experience and is known for his focus and knowledge of materials and uses.

He also loves cats, plays guitar left handed upside down and is fluent in French.  

Contact at Jseigenthaler@spacehaus.net


Senior Exhibition Designer

Alejandro Excia earned  his Bachelor of Architecture from the Polytechnic University of Puerto Rico.  After working for local art and architecture studios he pursued a double masters at Domus Academy and Wales University achieving a degree in Product Design and a Master of Arts in Design. His undergrad thesis dealt with consumer strategies in order to revitalize the underutilized public spaces. Following his Master’s dissertation, he developed a design methodology derived from the cultural context of his hometown “Criollos” o “Jibaros Puertorriqueños”, to design an electric car charger suitable for the rural context worldwide for the company Hager.

In 2013 Alejandro had the opportunity to showcase one of his products at Wanted Design in New York as part of the Puerto Rican collective “Design in Puerto Rico.” His work was part of a group of emerging Puerto Rican designers.

Alejandro is a music junkie that still collects vinyl LPs, hunts a good concert and enjoys graphic novels as well as the intricacies of storytelling.  He is a foodie at heart that can be found in a kitchen near you. 

Contact Alejandro at Aexcia@spacehaus.net



Graphic Designer


B.A. (Graphic Design) Columbia College, Chicago

Emily is a multi-disciplinary designer and artist. She enjoys crafting unique typographic layouts and carefully curated color palettes. She approaches each project with conceptual and strategic thinking, creating work that is thoughtful and interesting. Her work can be recognized for its contemporary aesthetic and fresh use of color.

Prior to working at Space Haus, Emily worked at a digital marketing agency designing content for clients such as Comcast, Groupon and Timberland.

When she is not designing, she can be found cooking and watering her many plants.

Contact Emily at Ebaker@spacehaus.net


Animal Husbandry


B.Sc. (Biology) - University of Chicago

With over 25 years of experience in the husbandry field, George enjoys all aspects of exhibit design and animal collections and especially appreciates seeing those design plans become functioning state of the art habitats that provide the optimum level in aquatic animal care.

From starting to snorkel while a toddler, to studying Marine Biology at University of Illinois, George Parsons has been interested in aquatic life from an early age. Some of his undergraduate studies included Hydractinia in closed aquaria and octopus larvae rearing.  His particular interests are in research and development, and habitat design in relation to aquatic husbandry. In 1988 he started as a volunteer at the John G. Shedd Aquarium in Chicago to gain experience in the requirements of marine invertebrates and seawater animals in human care. This career tract struck true; George became an aquarist at the Shedd in 1988, manager in 1995, and Senior Curator in 2005. He is responsible for the oversight of over 250 habitats and 35,000 specimens.

George is also proud of his husbandry design work at Shedd and also his research work in academia.  Some of George’s accomplishments include husbandry lead design for Shedd’s Wild Reef exhibit, larval fish rearing of several marine species, and the design of Coral Bleaching experiments through Northwestern University in Chicago. 

Spacehaus_BlueLayer_Julie Schumacher.jpg


Senior Content Developer

Ed.M. (Teaching & Learning) - Harvard Graduate School of Education

B.A. (History, American Civilization) - Brown University

Julie is a writer, editor and idea engine. She’s written for local small businesses, national non-profits and companies with a global presence across the spectrum from digital to print, installations to packaging. For each project, she weighs the power of story, the quality of the material being shared and the potential engagement of the intended audience. Her work is rooted in the decade she spent teaching at premier independent schools in Los Angeles and Chicago. She’s published on the social and emotional health of middle schoolers and led trips around the country and world with students of all ages. 

Her motivations lie in community and connection. She’s co-founder of Forth Chicago, where she moderates discussions and panels for women creatives. To facilitate an in depth exploration of all the world has to offer, .Julie and her husband take working sabbaticals with their young daughter, having now lived in rural France, southern New Zealand, Reykjavik, San Francisco, Washington DC and, soon, Vienna. 

Visual Arts Production Consultant

B. A. (Art History) – Columbia College, Chicago

With over a decade of gallery and museum experience, Pete’s understanding and relationships with other artists, museum professionals, fabricators and art patrons informs his role at Space Haus.

While at a commercial art gallery, Pete helped produce an array of projects and exhibitions, including two back-to-back national Best Show in a Commercial Gallery AICA Awards. Pete was the founder and creative director for the Chicago-based art and culture magazine, Jettison Quarterly. An early adopter of the online magazine format, Peter coordinated content, worked with advertisers and managed design and layout. 

While maintaining an active studio practice, showing work locally and nationally, Pete’s other interests include fishing, kayaking and skateboarding. 


Screen Shot 2017-01-30 at 11.46.28 AMeditedit.jpg



B.A. (Film and Video) - Columbia College - Chicago

Don is the founder and owner of Silver Fir Media.

A love of travel and general vagabonding has opened his eyes to the many stories and characters that are everywhere just waiting to be told. 

Since 2006 Don has been producing, directing, & editing original content from start to finish with various clients across the US.

When he is not working, Don enjoys doing the same things he does for work; hiking, camping, and doing anything outside.