Our Visual Arts Production division is structured to cater to artists and their unique exhibit installation needs. With a diverse staff whose skills span multiple specialties and disciplines, Space Haus offers a comprehensive team capable of addressing a large range of ambitious projects.

As a team and as individuals, we have consulted on a variety of special projects, developed custom solutions for a multitude of clients and worked for internationally recognized artists, galleries, theatres and museums. In these instances we have helped produce, fabricate, manage, conceptually guide, and troubleshoot projects with varying ranges of complexity.

Recognizing that this sort of specialized project management is not being offered elsewhere, Space Haus has put new attention into this effort and is encouraging artists and cultural institutions to push the limits of what they previously thought possible.

Our team members are able to work efficiently with both local and long-distance artist clients to produce stunning results every time.


Our Design division brings together the power of our collective imaginations to create stunning spaces and experiences. Working with the desired results and technical requirements of a given project in mind, we craft three dimensional stories that resonate.

As an inquiry-based group, deep research infuses context, meaning and understanding into our work. We collaborate closely with our clients, working to challenge assumptions and limitations and empower the design to be and do more.

Our Design division has a range of expertises including exhibition design, full integration of (media+graphic design+sculptures+sound) themed environments, habitats for animals, computer interactives, art and architecture.

We bring all those skills and a reputation for restrained exuberance to our work from concept to execution to maintenance and care whether for a residence reimagined, an artist’s vision brought to fruition, a thoughtfully built habitat or massive master plans for leading cultural institutions, hospitals and more. And because we are full-service we can ensure the designs are interpreted and executed accurately and with care.



Once the exhibit is installed, we are able to commission it, provide staff training and prepare the operating guidelines manual to ensure optimal system performance.

Whether a tiger enclosure, a flamingo habitat or a touch pool, the Space Haus Aquatic division has the capacity and experience to design, install and project manage highly complex, aquatics-based installations whether freshwater or saltwater.

Collaboration with our Design division ensures an exhibit that is memorable and beautiful, as well as technically excellent. Our designers and engineers bring complementary skills to aquatic and animal exhibits, with experience ranging from residential aquariums to museum and zoo installations. Starting from a client’s budget, space and vision, the Aquatics division can take a project from initial idea to final turnover, providing design drawings, design input on engineering drawings, installation services, troubleshooting and rehab of existing systems.

How is a shark different from a sea turtle, or a manatee from a live coral? From new construction to re-design to rehabilitation, our aquatic design team endeavors to create a unique ecosystem that captures the character of the species that inhabits it, while catering to its critical and specific needs.Deciphering federal regulations pertaining to each animal, understanding its unique biological systems and designing an appropriate environment is a skill set that the experienced aquatics team can provide for each project. With decades of experience with in plumbing design and operations, we can size the necessary plumbing and piping systems and tailor the design to the given budget and space.

Quality installation of a Life Support System ensures the longevity of a healthy living environment. Whether your project requires a plumber or an engineer, Space Haus team members have successfully built aquatic environments up to 300,000 gallons.

We’ve operated systems as small as 10 gallons up to 6 million gallons. That’s a lot of water that needs to be pumped, cleaned, filtered and monitored! Over a decade of such extensive experience means that any size project, freshwater or saltwater, can be successfully run by our skilled operations team. We also have the capacity to evaluate an existing Life Support System, trouble-shoot it and provide expert service to fix it.

Our project management capacity means that we can oversee and coordinate the fabrication, assembly, and installation of your pre-designed system as well as any below-grade plumbing, rockwork or acrylic components.