Our multi-disciplinary approach to design embraces the macro and micro levels of the user experience. In each experience we create, whether employing exhibitry, graphics, video, gaming or other interactive media, there are multiple opportunities in various formats to reinforce ‘the story’. We utilize the awe-inspiring nature of storytelling that leads to new discoveries to empower learning and trust.

We consistently develop solutions and creative approaches that are unique to each project and client. It is our dynamic and intuitive process, with intense collaboration amongst our diverse staff and our clients that leads us to singular, imaginative results. We believe in crafting learning opportunities that are wholly immersed in the space and time of the exhibit experience. For us, context is fundamental and learning in context of an experience is everything.




How is a shark different from a sea turtle, or a manatee from live coral?

From new construction to re-design to rehabilitation, our aquatic design team endeavors to create a unique ecosystem that captures the character of the species that inhabits it, while catering to its critical and specific needs. Deciphering Federal regulations pertaining to each animal, understanding its unique biological systems and designing an appropriate environment is a skill set that the experienced aquatics team can provide for each project. With decades of experience in plumbing design and operations, we can size the necessary plumbing and piping systems and tailor the design to the given budget and space. We have experience in both fresh and salt- water environments.



Ultimately, good design in healthcare environments can attract and retain patients by providing a carefully crafted experience within the context of a trusted brand. In this regard, we can provide a seamless integration of design, architecture, technology and artistry to create lasting impact. We aim to be timeless in a way that provides maximum return on investment for our clients, knowing that it is critical to ensure an ongoing, uninterrupted care experience for patients in a 24/7 environment.



Our designers and engineers bring complementary skills to aquatic and animal exhibits, with experience ranging from residential aquariums to museum and zoo installations. Starting from a client’s budget and space, the aquatics group can take a project from initial idea to final turnover. We can provide design drawings, design input on engineering drawings, installation services, troubleshooting and rehab of existing systems. Once the exhibit is installed, we are able to commission it, provide staff training, and prepare the operating guidelines manual to ensure optimal system performance. Quality installation of a Life Support System ensures the longevity of a healthy living environment. Whether your project requires a plumber or an engineer, Space Haus offers experienced staff that have successfully built aquatic environments up to 300,000 gallons.




We offer architectural services as a complement to our exhibition, master planning and aquarium design.  Bringing a client’s vision to life often involves construction, technical capacity and the ability to draw and envision projects within a particular space with budget constraints and material preferences.  This is where our capacity as licensed architects is invaluable.   

In addition to our design credentials, our skills as a studio include drafting, building code and zoning research, preparing measured site drawings, creating drawings for fabricators and contractors, coordination with engineering consultants and ultimately ensuring that a project is build-able. With decades of experience on a wide range of project scales, our services can bring your project from a vision to a tangible reality.   

(Services to be carried out under the leadership of Space Haus' partner: Edwin Chung, AIA)



Our Visual Arts Production division is structured to cater to artists and their unique exhibit installation needs. With a diverse staff whose skills span multiple specialties and disciplines, Space Haus offers a comprehensive team capable of addressing a large range of ambitious projects.

As a team and as individuals, we have consulted on a variety of special projects, developed custom solutions for a multitude of clients and worked for internationally recognized artists, galleries, theatres and museums. In these instances we have helped produce, fabricate, manage, conceptually guide, and troubleshoot projects with varying ranges of complexity.

Recognizing that this sort of specialized project management is not being offered elsewhere, Space Haus has put new attention into this effort and is encouraging artists and cultural institutions to push the limits of what they previously thought possible.

Our team members are able to work efficiently with both local and long-distance artist clients to produce stunning results every time.



At a larger scale, our master planning expertise can help you articulate your plan for a large building, campus or neighborhood, whether new or existing.  We can work with you to fine-tune the building programming, do a feasibility study for a renovation or new construction, or evaluate the current space in terms of traffic flow, sustainability, or efficiency.

Our experience in this arena includes small neighborhood plans, transportation studies, and institutional building master planning.  Clients such as neighborhood development corporations and non-profit hospital or church communities, have relied on us to help them determine the next steps for their institution.



The design of healing environments is a growing sector of our work because we see an unmet need within this industry. In fact, one key ingredient that we find lacking in healthcare facilities is that of imagination. Given the critical focus on clinical requirements, providing a rich narrative for visitors is often an afterthought - a layer that gets added when time and money permit. In response, our primary approach to healthcare design is to create an extraordinary, immersive environment that demonstrates that “anything is possible.”