We are exhibition designers, architects, artists, engineers graphic designers, writers, biologists and aquatic life support experts. We draw upon these diverse backgrounds and experience to plan, design and build projects that meet our standards of integrity and purpose.


Architecture + Design

Since our inception in 2011, our foundation in Living Exhibitions and Architecture has evolved into an inquiry-based, full-service architecture and design firm. We specialize in concept-driven installations and are equipped to develop concepts and turn-key design solutions for projects ranging from small renovations to facility or campus strategic plans, whether renovation or new construction.

Nature + Art Inspires Us

Many of our team members gained experience and built relationships working together on living exhibitions, large and small. Our design practice is inspired by a deep knowledge and appreciation of nature and its complex life systems and fueled by the desire to add art to everyday life.


We are Super Curious

E­ach of our projects follows a unique path of investigation, including close collaboration and engagement with our clients, that celebrate art and science through technical master and exuberant creativity.

Meaningful and Multi-layered Design

Cultural contributions and meaning-making are top priorities. Whether an existing space or a new one, we present a seamless integration of design, architecture, technology and art to create lasting impact.